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Atodaweb is the name of a window that displays, on line, collections of racing car models at different scales, especially 1:43, inspired by the North American Championship "CAN-AM", in the period between 1966 and 1974.

It exhibits, also the Ferrari cars present in the famous American Championships and also pays tribute to those legendary brands such as CHAPARRAL, LOLA, MATRA and McLAREN who participated in the Series.

Innovatio42 develops activities such as assembling scale models of cars from pre-assembled units in addition to restoration, reconstruction and remodeling of old CORGI TOYS, DINKY TOYS, MATCHBOX, SOLID and others miniatures.

Innovatio42 also manufactures various replacement parts or additions to the models, in different materials.

Currently, Innovatio42 activity focuses on domestic production of a 1:4 scale prototype, inspired by the vehicles involved in the  CAN-AM races, in which process a large sample is shown graphically.

We hope that a brief tour of this space becomes entertaining and gladly welcome comments, ideas and criticism.

Sporadically some models or components can be sold to the public on request by email.



Ferrari F156 Shark Nose Escala 1:43

Free restyle from an original DINKY TOYS model. (Orig. Ferrari colour # 4305 GIALLO MODENA DS ) 

Lotus 49 F1 Escala 1:43

Renewed according to the original CORGl TOYS model. (Col.TKROM # 6005 Gloss Moss Green)

Matra 630 Escala 1:43

Free restyle from an original DINKY TOYS model.

Mc Laren M8B Escala 1:43

Free restyle from an original SOLIDO model.

Porsche 906 Carrera 6 Escala 1:43

Free restyle from an original CORGI TOYS model.

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