It took more than forty years and no work commitments to execute a project born long ago.

Initially this was to manufacture a steam locomotive because of boy saw them summer evenings in the village of the holidays, but my first contact with the model cars Matchbox and Corgi Toys brands to meet thirteen, decided to always my passion for racing cars.

Over time I have been shaping the idea of ​​the type of car I wanted to make. There was nothing definite but if a clear idea, "WOULD BE A CAN-AM" and reached the moment, I started to work with the aim of developing it, regardless of the time to invest.

Manufacturing with the help of little technical, a single model, designed by me, that recalls the old glories of the time probably more important in the evolution of the mechanics of competition, comes this 1:4 scale prototype two-seater whose production is edited in this space in considerable detail.